Are Pancakes Better with Milk or Water?

Are Pancakes Better with Milk or Water?

If you’ve ever panicked realizing that you don’t have milk to make light, fluffy pancakes, don’t worry. There are other options when you don’t have all the ingredients a recipe or mix calls for. Keep reading to see if your pancakes will be better with milk or water.

Why Does My Pancake Recipe Need Water or Milk?

Both pancake mixes and recipes require some liquid to make into a batter. For example, mixes from The Great American Pancake Company need added water, an egg, and oil or butter. The water’s job is to turn that recipe or mix into the batter!

The oil, butter, and egg should be enough to create a rich, thick batter. While the batter would be thick, it’s not likely to make light and fluffy cakes. The milk or water allows the batter to thin out and let all other ingredients make delectable cakes!

The butter or oil is there to keep the pancakes moist. Eggs give your pancakes structure as well as flavor. These ingredients, in addition to milk or water, come together to be a delicious treat!

Which Is Better When Making Pancakes: Milk or Water?

Now that you know milk or water is essential to making your batter, it’s time to look at which one is better. Let’s talk about adding water first. You can substitute water for milk if:

You want less fat in your pancakes
Your pancake mix or recipe uses really good flour
You take care to mix the batter until just combined
Your batter isn’t too thick
You allow your batter to sit for a while before using

While these steps aren’t mandatory, they are intended to help you get the best results when using water to substitute your liquid.

If you happen to be using a recipe or mix that calls for water and you want to use milk instead, you can if:

You’re looking for the most flavor (in this case, the more fat content, the better)
You want to have denser pancakes

The biggest reason to use milk or water in your pancake batter is that you don’t have milk or don’t want to use water for any reason. Either way, one of the best ways to ensure that you always make the best possible pancakes is to use a mix like the ones from The Great American Pancake Company. The best ingredients will always give you great results.

There’s some debate within the pancake-loving community about whether using water or milk results in the fluffiest pancakes. While it might make sense that the added fat in milk makes a tastier cake, it doesn’t mean it will also make the lightest ones. The best way to resolve that problem for yourself is to try one and then the other to decide which one is best for you.

Do I Have to Adjust My Liquid Measurements if I Switch Out Milk or Water?

In most cases, you can swap milk for water and vice versa using a 1:1 ratio. For example, if your mix or recipe calls for ½ cup of milk but you don’t have it, add ½ cup of water. 

To err on the side of caution, try using half of the liquid in your recipe and go from there. If you forget and add the full amount, there are tricks to help you get your recipe to your desired consistency.

What to Do When Your Batter Consistency is Too Thin or Thick

Sometimes your pancake batter won’t look right, even if you’ve followed the instructions to the letter. Here’s what you can do if your batter is too thin:

  • Add flour (small amounts to avoid making it too thick)
  • Add cornmeal (work fast to prevent huge lumps)
  • Add cocoa to make chocolate pancakes
  • Add protein powder 

The best thing you can do with a batter that is too thick is to:

  • Add additional liquid like water or milk
  • Add another egg (your cakes may taste more like eggs if you do this) 

You can typically avoid consistency problems when choosing an excellent-quality pancake mix like the ones at The Great American Pancake Company. They’ve packaged everything you’ll need with the finest ingredients to give consistent results every time you make your beloved cakes.

What to Do if Water Doesn’t Add Enough Flavor

Pancake lovers’ biggest complaint when adding water instead of milk is that the flavor seems to change. Pancakes aren’t as richly flavored with water.

There are a few ways to improve your batter when you’ve used water, including:

  • Add extra butter
  • Add vanilla
  • Add additional sugar (not too much!)
  • Experiment with your favorite extracts
  • Stir in orange or lemon zest
  • Replace some or all of the water with applesauce, canned pumpkin, etc.

If you have your own ideas on improving the flavor of pancakes made using water, try them! Sometimes the best recipes end up being the ones you came up with yourself.

Making Your Pancakes Better

Sometimes you’ll buy pancake mix that calls for water, and sticking with the recipe is a good idea. You’ll likely never miss adding milk if the mix is made right with quality ingredients.

If your box pancakes leave something to be desired, you can always try some of the tips given here, or you can also try:

  • Yogurt
  • Alternative milk (almond, oat, soy, etc.)
  • Fruit juices

Get the Best Tasting, Light and Fluffy Pancakes Every Time

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